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Moon-Riders Tracy Tappan
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Military Romantic  Suspense

The Reckoning Day -- Tracy Tappan

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A Phoenix Agency Kindle Worlds Novella

Two rival agents. One goal. The clock is ticking, passions are rising…
and someone is lying.

A Mafia kingpin stole the formula for a medical miracle and is on the verge of selling it to the highest bidder. Other security firms tried to rescue it and failed. Now the high-risk job has landed with operatives of Phoenix Agency, the best of America’s ex-military, who bring highly specialized skills to every mission…

As a former Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal expert, Tony Santoro’s skills with wiring are needed to break into the complex safe holding the stolen formula. To get in close, Tony will have to work deep undercover with the mob as an enforcer, a ruthless job that daily twists him into moral binds. But when he catches the boss’s physical therapist trying to burgle the safe, he’s faced with an impossible dilemma. The curvy brunette offers to do anything so he won’t rat her out, and…wouldn’t a Mafia enforcer take her up on that?

On the same mission from her security firm, Ronnie Cardenas uses her psychic gift as a Truth Extractor to secretly unearth the safe’s combination. After three long months of dangerous undercover work, she is finally on the verge of success…then she stumbles upon a rival agent. She wants the cocky bastard out—out of her operation, out of her payoff.

Until everything goes wrong, and she needs his help.

As the mission comes apart, Tony and Ronnie work together in a mad race to pull off the heist before they land themselves in matching cement shoes…and in the process end up stealing each other’s hearts.

Note to Wings of Gold fans: There is a where-are-they-now short scene in this novella between Eric and Nicole from Book 1 in the Wings of Gold series, BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY.

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Tony stiffened in bed.

Damascus rose…drifting past his door.

What the hell? Ronnie was pulling the heist tonight?

Well, if you leave tomorrow, then so will I, she’d told him.

Ah, hell. She was. Did she even—? Tony cut himself off and forced a couple of short, nostril-pinching breaths. Chill out. Tonight was actually a good night to do the mission. Cuntrera had a new goumada on the mainland, and he was with her now, making it an ideal time to sneak into the den and break into the safe.

Tony took another breath, a deeper one. Ronnie picking such a perfect night to do the job confirmed that, inexperienced though she might be as an operative, she had good instincts.


She’d be fine.

An alarm shrieked.

No thought.

Just whip-fast movement that had Tony bolting out of bed and tearing from his room. Shifting into his highest gear, he sped down the hallway toward the racket. It was coming from Cuntrera’s den, three doors down from his bedroom. He skidded inside and instantly spotted Ronnie near the safe. Her eyes gleamed brightly in the moonlight, staring at him with terrified enormity.

“Get undressed,” he hissed.

A point in her favor: she didn’t ask questions or hesitate. She just lost her pajamas.

Charging at her, he shed his own clothes—sweatpants and undershorts—and had just hoisted her up and jacked her against the wall beside the safe—and good girl, she wrapped her legs around his bare ass—when the lights blazed on.

“Saint Jude!” Carmelo exclaimed.

“Shit!” Tony staggered back, dropping Ronnie to her feet.

She gasped and scrabbled for her clothing, clutching her pajama top to her naked breasts while Carmelo gaped at her.

A pockmarked Tommaso, Cuntrera’s head guard, peered over Carmelo’s shoulder and gawked with equal intensity.

Tony swept his sweatpants off the floor and hopped as he hauled them on. Since he was an experienced operator and always came equipped to authentically portray an undercover role, he was sporting a full-on rager. Might have a little something to do with the brief but utterly fantastic whole-body contact with Ronnie’s soft, sweet-smelling, womanly nakedness he enjoyed just now. Damn, but she really did have the nicest tits ever.

Carmelo marched over to the safe, his focus fixed on Ronnie as he passed, and punched a code into the control panel. The alarm shut off.

Blessed silence. Except for Toni’s panting.

“What the hell, Antonio?” Carmelo barked.

“Damned if I know.” Tony stuffed his undershorts into his pocket. “I was going hard against the wall with her, and then suddenly there was an ass-ton of noise.” He glanced at the safe. “All the jolting must’ve set off the alarm.”

“Why didn’t you take her to your room, you idiot?” Carmelo kept transferring his attention from his conversation with Tony over to Ronnie, who was flashing bare patches of skin as she hurried to dress.

“I was headed that way, but…” Tony shrugged, then smirked. “Shit got too real and I couldn’t wait.”

Tommaso inserted himself now. “Lucky for you the capo is with his mistress tonight.” He made a sound with his tongue against his teeth.

“Yeah, well…no need to tell the boss about this, since you guys got to see some tit.” Tony strode over to Ronnie and, taking her lightly by the arm, guided her across the room.

Tommaso didn’t move from the jamb. He scowled. “Stay out of the capo’s den, Antonio.

“Sure. Now get the hell out of my way.” He didn’t wait for Tommaso to comply, but used an arm-bar to push him aside. “I’ve got some finishing up to do,” he drawled as he led Ronnie down the hall and into his bedroom.

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