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Community Boxed Set -- Tracy Tappan
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Wings of Gold Boxed Set -- Tracy Tappan
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Military Suspense

Wings of Gold Series

How could "the best of the best" not make the most awesome heroes?

Eightball Two-Three  Tracy Tappan

A print version of EIGHTBALL TWO-THREE is included in the print version of BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY as bonus material.


Introductory novella in the Wings of Gold Series:

Meet the heroes of the first two full-length Wings of Gold novels in EIGHTBALL TWO-THREE.

Years ago in flight school, Ensign Eric O’Dwyer is on the verge of graduating from naval flight training. He has only one flight left to complete at training squadron HT-8, home of the “Eighballers,” before he earns himself his wings of gold. The day of his final solo, Eric’s copilot, Ensign Kyle Hammond, is to act as no more than a warm body…

Until everything goes horribly wrong.

Fresh from the cockpit of his near-death solo flight, Eric makes it to graduation, only to find that he is a lone man in a sea of his buddies’ celebrating relatives. He finds solace in the arms of a most unlikely woman the night before shipping out to San Diego…and learns more about himself than he ever planned.

*          *          *

This book is offered for FREE to people on Tracy Tappan’s Author Update list. Please click HERE to download your copy now! Available in eBook only.

** This novella is also available as a part of the Wings of Gold Set, which includes both BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY and the novella, CLEARED HOT, exclusively on Amazon, and FREE to Kindle Unlimited Subscribers.


I am VERY excited to hear what you think about this new series!  
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