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Paranormal -- Tracy Tappan

The Community Series

Enter the hidden town of Ţărână, where violence and love, evil forces and good,
vie for supremacy in the secret lives of the Vârcolac and their battle to survive.

DEEP IN THE HEART -- Tracy Tappan


Book Four in The Community Series:

Overcome by a moment of blinding bloodlust, Breen Dalakis bites and bonds with one of the new Dragon women in the community. Charlize Renault was a willing participant in the act, but had no idea what that bite truly meant. Now stuck with a man she doesn’t love, she’s pissed as hell, and Breen, who’s spent a lifetime skirting around his emotions, has no idea how to break through her rejection. Bigger problems arise when Breen is assigned to the Special Ops Topside Team to take Nỵko’s place. On a mission to hunt down the insane and cruel Videön, he and his fellow warriors encounter an enemy far more ruthless than the Om Rău. Little do they know who these men really are…and the profound impact one of them will have on the Dragon woman who’s recently returned to Ţărână: Hadley Wickstrum.

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