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"Good grief, I love this series!"

Broken by her father’s brutal punishment, Pandra Parthen sets off on a destructive rampage to quiet the screaming in her head. But an act of cruelty against a vampire goes terribly wrong, and she ends up bound to him…forever. Now she’s stuck in some jerkwater town among her bloodsucker enemies, and her only path to a bearable life will be to find the softer sides of herself. But if she dares to care, that could lead dangerously close to wanting.  

Scoffed at for being an artist, vampire warrior Thomal Costache is out to prove his tough side. But his efforts backfire when he tries to save his brother from Pandra’s evil appetites by sacrificing himself to the beautiful and powerful demon.

All his relationships fall apart.

Now the race is on to make everything right, especially with his estranged mate, or existence as he knows it will be the price. A maniacal demon is bent on destroying all Otherworldly beings, and Pandra is the sole person who can stop him…but only if Thomal can make her feel safe in his loving embrace.

Blood Bonded by Force

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The writing is out of this world good.

Ms. Tappan weaves an intricate storyline with multi-faceted characters that you can’t help but love… or hate… or hate, then love, lol.

— Fan Review

This is by far the best of the series so far. It packs a huge punch from the very beginning sucking you into the world and into the characters' heads immediately. It sent chills up my spine and I had to read a few scenes more than once - THATS how intense it is. Tracy beautifully guides the reader through heartbreaking and maddening situations and shows us that just because there is a light at the end of the tunnel doesn't mean all wounds will be healed by the time we reach it! But there's hope!

Very nicely done and I cannot wait for the next one!!!!

— Bunilove

Controversial and very well done - WOW


Such a Great Series - Love the Characters

The whole series is wonderful but this one is the best, so far. I laughed out loud and I cried too. I love these characters. I am soooo looking forward to the next instalment.

— Loveyoutbagtoo