"I come for Tappan's stories, stay for the action, and swoon for her heroes!"

— Tome Tender

A SPEC OPS mission gone horribly wrong ignites an edge-of-your-seat adventure of dodging bullets, deadly chases, and the dangerous pull of an unwanted attraction.

When a high-stakes hostage rescue is crippled by bad intel, Lieutenant Commander Jason “Casanova” Vanderby’s helicopter is shot down in enemy territory. Under fire during a daring escape from the smoking wreckage, the SEAL who was once his best friend takes three rounds, complicating their egress plan - now Jason must hump the injured man to a nearby aid station. But Jason ends up bringing the humanitarian doctor more than a casualty.

A new terrorist horde is hot on his tail.

Now he’s on a run for his life across Pakistan with the safety of both the doctor and a wounded  man sitting squarely on his shoulders. But the true test of his will has yet to come. Will he be able to keep this doctor, with her pure heart and striking, exotic beauty, at a firm arm’s length?

For eighteen years Dr. Farrin Barr had good reason to avoid men. Now she’s stuck with one. With his shuttered, handsome features, Jason is impossible to know, but there is safety for Farrin in this kind of detachment…until she must discover the real man beneath his defenses. Moved by what she finds, she tumbles into a night of incredible passion with him.

But nothing could have prepared her for it all to end with what she believes is their final heartbreaking goodbye…

HOLT Medallion winner, Readers’ Favorite Bronze Medal winner, 2017 Kindle Book Award Semi-finalist, MAN DOWN is the standalone slow-burn third book in the high-octane Wings of Gold Series by bestselling author Tracy Tappan.

Man Down

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Wow. After reading this book, I want to go hug a SEAL.

I think the best part is the appeal to many different types of readers. There is friendship, hardship, military action…hot sex, and of course an HEA that fits!”

— Fan Review

Navy pilot Jason Vanderby is every woman's dream

The quintessential military hero, Navy pilot Jason Vanderby is every woman's dream of what a man should be.

— Notes from a Romantic Heart


I love the realism this author brings to her stories ...

I love the realism this author brings to her stories... The ability to draw the reader in and allow insight into the daily tragedies and heartbreak that is compartmentalized to allow these brave soldiers to continue fighting for our freedom and safety is a remarkable gift that she shares unstintingly.

— Night Owl Reviews, a FIVE-STAR TOP PICK!