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When you're already an adrenaline junkie Navy pilot, it’d be smart to avoid partnering with a sexy, reckless DEA agent on a deadly mission where any wrong move could land you in the sack with her… Oops, too late.

All but disowned by his father for joining the military, Lieutenant Eric “LZ” O’Dwyer now lives his life on the edge of danger. High-risk flying, lots of armed bad guys, and a vicious drug lord to take down are all the temptations he needs to jump onboard an interagency op with the DEA. He’s just not thrilled about having to get naked.  

If Special Agent Nicole Gamboa has to do one more mission with a partner staring at her breasts, she’s going to hit somebody. Batter up, you damned cocky Navy pilot! Guaranteed this guy will take advantage of his dark Irish good looks to slip a little collateral seduction into their steamy mission. Let him try. A childhood spent in hiding has trained her how to harden herself.

But when their mission spirals out of control, Eric’s reaction to the catastrophe floors her, and her carefully built protections begin to crumble. Is this the one swoonworthy man she can depend on when the tables turn and the ruthless drug lord gets his steely hooks into her?

BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY is the first in Tracy Tappan’s electrifying romantic suspense series about naval aviators—helicopter pilots of courage and honor who proudly wear the Wings of Gold.

Beyond the Call of Duty

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There's nothing like a strong sexy woman and a hot hunky guy to make a great couple! Exciting adventure, hot sex, and even a little comedy thrown in (Mikey is a hoot!) makes for a great story.

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High octane read that will leave you breathless...

High octane read that will leave you breathless... If you pick it up, you won't be able to put it down!

— Donna Antonio


This is a gripping read...

This is a gripping read that barrels along at such a tremendous pace that it is hard to put down.

— Two Feisty Angels and a Devil